Message from The President

As the New Year dawns, I wish to extend my best wishes for a happy New Year to all of you on behalf of the IYC. I congratulate your hard work and success during the passing year. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for all the cooperation and support you have rendered to my presidency.

The United Nations just marked its 70th anniversary. It has achieved milestone advances in building a better world through a stronger UN and its enhanced partnership with various stakeholders of civil society such as the IYC. Indeed we all can be proud of the successful launching of the transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with 17 SDGs at its core. In our human conscience, new climate change agreement regained the confidence of humanity.

There were setbacks as well; rising terrorism and violent extremism, no abating sign of regional conflicts, mass atrocity crimes, serious violations of human rights, refugees crisis and above all worrisome patterns of erosion of the credibility of the rule of law. These among many continue to pose serious threats and challenges to the international community.

In year 2016, we will bring more countries participation in IYC and also to organize consecutively for the 3rd time World Youth Summit 2016 in November in India again. Reflecting on the past achievements and future direction, we the IYC need to renew our collective constitutional commitment to strengthen our works to support a stronger and more effective UN and the global world. We need to improve the network of people and further widen it. Through more active engagement of our member IYCs, we need to help address more effectively the serious challenges the world is faced with. We also need to uphold with the renewed determination the fundamental principles of the UN and justice with a view to further strengthening the very foundation of the United Nations.

Once again I wish all of you a brighter, peaceful and more prosperous New Year. See you in November in World Youth Summit 2016 in India!

Jayanta Patra,

President of the IYC